TruGrit Blastroom
Reduce your Blasting Costs

Lower Your Blasting Costs to Increase Your Profit.

Every square meter/foot you blast earns you income. And every square meter/foot you blast also costs you money. If the cost of the blasting is too high, your income profit margin is soon eaten away. So the objective of every blaster is to keep their blasting costs as low as possible. Lower costs...More profit.

The most economical way to blast steel products is with steel grit. Steel grit is extremely tough. This toughness is good news for abrasive consumption and blasting costs, but bad news for the blasting equipment.

The TruGrit blastroom is engineered to provide a reliable and productive steel grit blastroom to minimise your blasting costs. We have incorporated our many years of practical hands on experience, and using a Keep it Simple philosophy, the following components are incorporated into every TruGrit blastroom.


  TruGlide Floor

In order to cope with hard wearing steel grit abrasive, the TruGrit blastroom is fitted with a TruGlide abrasive recovery floor. This simplified floor design minimises moving components inside the blastroom. Lesser moving parts means less breakdowns and less time on maintenance. The floor is also a modular bolt together design. This allows quick and easy installation and gets your production up and running in minimum time.


No need to waste valuable floor space on large cumbersome steel swing doors. The Dura-Door rubber roll up door takes up no additional factory space. The first doors we made were installed in 2005. They are still going strong after so many years of heavy usage. Aside from saving space, the Dura-Door also reduces the loud noise of compressed air exiting the blast nozzle at supersonic speed.

TDF Ventilation Dust Collector

Whether you are blasting mill scale from new steel, or removing existing paint, inevitably there will be a lot of dust generated in the blastroom. The use of steel grit will minimise the amount of dust from the abrasive, but still there is a lot of dust from the surface. The quicker this dust is removed the better. Visibility in the blastroom will improve and the blasted workpiece will be cleaner. TDF ventilation dust collectors use an inverted filter cartridge design to keep filters clean. Cleaner filters allow much higher ventilation rates through the blastroom.